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David WatkinsSubject: B-Band preamp/pickup Humm Model# A5T preamp and tuner

 Hey guitar people!! I recently bought my first Tanglewood and LOVE the guitar!! The tuner works fine, But.. when i plug it in to any amp or mixing board i get a constant HUMM unless i turn the volume on the preamp all the way down. The humm gets worse when i touch the saddle and louder the more pressure i put on it. Also get louder when i touch the strings. The guitar has very low volume when strummed though even with the volume all the way up. The fact that it goes away when you turn the volume on the preamp down tells me that the problem is somewhere before it goes into the preamp.... somewhere between where you plug your chord into the guitar, the pickups or the connection into the preamp. It's a TW15 HB guitar with the B-Band A5T preamp. does anyone have experience with this problem??? Is it common to this model?? PLEASE ADVISE!! 

Tue, 31 Jan 2012 01:12:48
Erik LindRE: B-Band preamp/pickup Humm Model# A5T preamp and tuner

Hi David,

The hum should not be occurring, and no - it's not common.

There are a number of possible culprits... the simplest is the battery. Have you changed the 9V battery to see if it it helped?

The other thing could be the position of the saddle in its slot. It's possible that the saddle has moved or come out of position, causing the thin, flat transducer that sits underneath to become slightly displaced or even kinked. This could cause unbalanced string output, or even hum. Removing the strings and then removing the saddle from the slot to check the positioning of the transducer underneath may help.

We recommend taking the guitar to the authorized Tanglewood dealer from where it was purchased for a quick diagnostic. It sounds like an issue that will be able to be resolved quickly.


Tanglewood Guitars - North America


Wed, 01 Feb 2012 14:58:51
David WatkinsRE: B-Band preamp/pickup Humm Model# A5T preamp and tuner

 I did check the battery... it was at full power so i figured that wasn't it. Unless it could be from a low quality battery due to the materials used in its construction but i really doubt that. The humm totally went away when i removed the saddle but came back as soon as i started tightening the strings. I am puzzled. I purchased the guitar as NEW from an individual on Ebay... He said that he had won it in a contest from a guitar shop and already has several guitars so he thought he'd sell it and use the money to buy an amp. so i don't know if any warranty would apply to me. The guitar still had the labels and everything on it and did appear brand new but i think it is a 2010 model not being produced anymore, at least as the model TW15 HB name. I hope i'm not going to be out allot of money on this. I LOVE THE GUITAR!!! The action is perfect and the tone is GREAT!  I still love playing it and my condenser mic picks it up very well when i play and sing even without plugging it in... BUT I STILL WANT IT TO WORK!!

Wed, 01 Feb 2012 19:47:17
David WatkinsRE: B-Band preamp/pickup Humm Model# A5T preamp and tuner

 I was hoping Tanglewood or B-Band would repare or replace it. I have initiated correspondence with both companies but haven't received a reply from Tanglewood yet.

Wed, 01 Feb 2012 19:49:37
David WatkinsRE: B-Band preamp/pickup Humm Model# A5T preamp and tuner

 The Individual i purchased the TW15 HB from sent me an email stating that he won it from Premier Guitar Magazine, "12 Days Of AXEmas" Christmas celebration and he thought that it should be handled as a warranty issue. He never plugged it in before he listed it on Ebay.

Wed, 01 Feb 2012 23:36:04
David WatkinsRE: B-Band preamp/pickup Humm Model# A5T preamp and tuner



Sat, 04 Feb 2012 01:13:06
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