“As soon as I played the guitar I felt like I had history with it”.

Steve Cradock’s extensive body of work speaks for itself, resonating to a generation of Brit-rock artists and continually acting as a key player in some of the UK’s most prominent musical outfits .

Rising to fame as the lead guitarist and a driving force behind Ocean Colour Scene and serving for over 20 years as the guitarist in the Paul Weller band, writing and self producing three solo albums and performing as part of The Song Book Collective.

Recently he has been touring with OCS, The Specials and will be joining Glasgow based singer/songwriter Pete Macleod for a string of UK dates in February 2017.

Steve took time out from the studio recently to talk about his latest addition to his guitar arsenal, the Tanglewood Sundance Historic TW40DANE.

“I got into Tanglewood through Stevie Pilgrim who is Weller’s drummer and he’s a great acoustic player. He’s just about to release his fourth solo album and he’s always played a Tanglewood.

It’s through him I got in touch with you guys. It has a really classic look and I love the tone of the wood, I don’t like those pale acoustic tops. There are a lot of other newer acoustics that have come out and they seem to f*** up the headstock. This one has a real classic looking headstock.

As soon as I played it I was just like “Ah this just sounds amazing!”

Me and Lynval (The Specials) were doing a cover of Redemption song at Reading, so I tried it live that night on Redemption song and I tell you what, I’ve used other brands live as well and they have a bass, treble and volume on it which I always thought was the thing. Where as with the Tanglewood there is no EQ involved in it and I liked the direct sound. I find with a lot of other guitar preamps there is too much of this horrible digital top end and the Tanglewood hasn’t got that.

As soon as I played the guitar I felt like I had history with it”.

Watch a 360 degree video of the Redemption song cover at Reading.