Eleanor uses the Tanglewood Premier Historic TW130 SM CE.

Singer-Songwriter Eleanor first entered the music scene in 2011 when she collaborated with Randy Bachman from Bachman-Turner Overdrive to produce her first album. Since then Eleanor has gone from strength to strength, writing and recording alongise Clint Productions and performing at major festivals all over the UK, Paris, Berlin, and South Africa.

Eleanor has a unique New English Country sound, deeply rooted within the ‘Country’ genre but with a contemporary and English modern vibe. Eleanor loves language, the way words can be used to capture and create emotions, situations and stories. She is able to find the unique story in the everyday; finding a way to relate and convey her feelings and sometimes difficult current topics to people through the art of music.

Eleanor is able to communicate and deliver her beautifully scripted and sculpted stories which often reach way beyond her years with her smooth vocals, fully immersing listeners into her concepts and music. Performing accompanied by just her Tanglewood acoustic guitar, Eleanor captivates audiences with her unique voice and inspired lyrics.

With next year promising the release of Eleanor’s Second Album and Tour in Nashville- home of Country music; Eleanor invites you to join her exciting journey into the heart of New English Country Music.

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