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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use sustainable wood sources?2017-06-12T15:30:23+01:00

At Tanglewood Guitars we do not purchase ANY timber unless it is from a legitimate, accredited supply source and compliant with Lacey act regulations. This is because we ship globally, have a reputation with our partners for transparency and ethically sound construction and of course many of the countries we supply now require this protocol as standard. One day we hope all countries will.

Our “exotic” wood sourcing is laminate only. We use veneers of exotic wood to increase the term of stock availability into what we know can be a sustainable supply.

We aim to be here, making instruments that our playing family will love for many years to come and hope our instruments will be passed down through the generations, so it’s important to us that our raw materials are always available to match demand.

What is the best way to store my guitar?2017-06-12T15:29:35+01:00

When not in use, your guitar should always be stored in its case. The case slows down moisture loss in a dry environment, and moisture absorption in a humid environment. It will also minimize the possibility of accidental damage.

How much is my guitar worth?2017-06-12T15:28:59+01:00

Tanglewood guitars do not deal in used instruments, therefore we cannot answer questions about the value of your instrument. Your best source is your local Tanglewood dealer who is knowledgeable about our products and will be able to help you with your enquiry. Please check for your local Tanglewood stockist on our dealer page from the menu above.


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