Vivien uses the Tanglewood Sundance Pro TW73 VS E.

Vivien Searcy is an American singer and songwriter, born and raised in Milan Italy of renowned classical timpanist David Searcy and violinist Heidrun Baumann of the La Scala Opera House. Brought up with the Opera as her daily dosage of music, she developed a love for the passion in music and it’s storytelling. But her parents loved all genres and in her daddy’s car, Country music would be playing every car ride. Vivien danced to the songs of Dolly, sang with Elvis, watched Opera singers perform with drama and dreamt of standing on a stage herself one day. After studying music and moving to Sweden to improve her skills as singer and songwriter, she made that dream possible.

Vivien’s professional work over the years has included performing live as a singer, writing songs for international artists such as Bobby Kimball, Jeff Scott Soto, and Dennis”Fergie”Frederiksen, to name a few. Her debut “Water on soil” has listed international radio hit-charts with great reviews and made Vivien Searcy and her band The Ozarks tour for big audiences throughout Europe and Scandinavia. James Burton, Chip Young and Charlie McCoy performed Vivien’s own song “Guitarman” together with her at the Swedish Country Music Gala of 2010, praising her performance and skills as a songwriter and artist. A long desired trip and performances in Nashville awoke her need to write about her life and her lessons learned. Vivien tells her story including the loss of both her parents, the new perspective of life she has, the experience of having to grow up after such difficult changes and the gratitude to her parents for introducing her to the passionate world of music.

The new album Live It Right is being played on Radio stations throughout Germany, Scandinavia, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, UK, Australia and even South Africa with wonderful reviews.It’s filled with influences of Nashville, the 70’s sound she grew up with and Vivien’s own songwriting about her personal life stories. A mix of her roots in Country music, the sound of the 70’s and todays feel meet on this record, portraying the hard life lessons she’s learned, the new outtake she has and the tricky part of keeping a sense of humor in the turmoil. Lightness and depth meet in a frame of guitars, banjos and pedal steel, with the bands particular sound and the collaboration of Americana player Andreas Rydman’s producing skills.


“If you have ambition and curiosity I have the key” is what her daddy used to tell her. The key is in Vivien‘s hand, she’s been thru hell for it, losing who she loved the most, learning about life thru tough lessons of fear, tears and heartache but gaining a strong spirit and the humbleness that only living can teach you.

In the spring of 2015, Vivien signed with the elite Nashville based artist management agency, Arrow Entertainment. Chris Sobonya, President of Artist Management – “Vivien is a tremendous person, strong songwriter, and a gifted performer that moves audiences. She is well placed in the Country music business in Europe and we look forward to taking her music to new international markets”. Vivien’s vivaciousness transpires in her live performances, she’s a true entertainer, a bundle of energy taking you on a trip through her music filled of life, joy, and freedom.


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